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Day 6 of take the leap yoga challenge


I thought I would post every day for this challenge, and then I realized what a challenge in and of itself that was! So unfortunately folks, that might not happen. I will try to be more consistent if I can, but with how big my to do list is the most important things is that I’m doing the challenge, whether or not I share it digitally.


Day 3 of the #taketheleap 30 day yoga challenge


After seeing someone else doing this challenge post a picture taken in the snow, I was determined to take one like that myself. Well, this photo isn’t exactly of me in the snow, since my boots are leather (and would have gotten messed up), but it’s close enough.

I snapped this tonight sitting in an NJ park while I waited for my watercolor class to start. I was 30 minutes early, so I figured why not stand outside underneath a light post in the middle of the parking lot?

For my practice today I was only able to do the short 8 minute ‘sun salutation’ from Dirty Yoga Co., because my art class runs pretty late.

30 days of yoga via Sweat Pink and Prana: day #1


Oww. Yea, you heard (read?) that right. Owwwwwwww.

So this may seem like a funny sound. Hell, I do jiu jitsu. I have spent quite a few times rolling around a mat with (mostly) guys, learning about muscles I never realized existed. I have come to appreciate the finer things in life, like Tiger Balm.

Yet for some crazy reason, a week or so of simple yoga poses and my hip is killing me. So I can do Triangle Chokes, but Triangle Pose is my downfall?

Well, such is the joys of fitness I suppose. It really gives you a nice kick in the ass, to let you know how much work you have yet to do. But that’s OK!

When I did jitz, one of the best and worst feeling in the world was the next morning when you were so sore. There is something about feeling all your hard work that makes you really appreciate it. Of course, I’m not sure I expected to feel it quite so soon in yoga, but there you have it.

So it is with this that my first day of this challenge is simply doing one pose, because I think I’d rather not be down and out before I’ve even started. I’m taking it easy the next day or two and being conservative.

My Dirty Yoga Co. Prep has 5 videos you learn poses in. I’ve done 101 and 102 so far (multiple times). It takes a lot for me to memorize something properly, so I’m trying to make sure to learn these well enough that when I hear the name, I can take the pose (even if it’s not perfect).

Since I’m hurting, I plan on this week just watching the videos and lightly learning some new poses, without stretching all the way into them correctly. Sometimes it can be hard to tell your limits, and I guess in my case I tried a little too much at once.

I’m not adding an official pose pic to this post, because I ran out of time trying to take one that came out with enough light. Next time!