Watercolor class, John Singer Sargent: class #2

My dad is retiring this year in April, and right now he is only working 2 days a week. We actually work together at the same company. He has always been somewhat artistic, but until recently his sketches would be only in food and hunting journals. One of the things he has decided to do was take 2 art classes starting this Jan. A drawing class and a watercolor class.

I decided to take the watercolor class with him, both because I would love to take some official classes, and because I’d get to spend time with him.

We haven’t really learned much yet. We have only had 2 classes, and so far the most I have learned is that you can’t use black and white paint in watercolor. I never knew that! The first class I didn’t bring anything with me to paint (oops), and the 2nd class I brought this painting, by John Singer Sargent. I only learned about him from researching paintings to mimic. He is an American artist, and I really love his style.

This is the start so far from yesterday’s class!


My mom’s painting.

I think a long time ago, I posted a very early picture of when I first started this painting, but tonight I was beginning the process of finally creating an artwork page on this blog, and came across some of the photographs I have taken of the painting all finished and framed.

It is a simple painting, and the design idea per her request. Still, I am happy with how it came out. What do you think of it?


Trip the Font Fantastic! Picking and Pairing Fonts

I’m sure a lot of you word-pressers out there love to dabble with photos and graphics, as I do. I have recently since the end of February started subscribing to the premium plan for I actually have Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, and a Bamboo drawing tablet. But what I like about PicMonkey is that it’s easily accessible from anywhere I am, has pretty decent functions, and is quick. It doesn’t take a 2 hour session to create something. I can edit, create, or add some text in around 15 minutes or so depending on the graphic I need. In fact most of my blog graphics were done in a few minutes using PicMonkey. And no, this post is not being sponsored ;P.

Sometimes, as creative as I am I’m still not always so great at putting things together from scratch. PicMonkey has a ton of really awesome blog posts about designing, so after reading this one this morning I’d thought I’d share with you. This is on fonts.

Trip the Font Fantastic! Picking and Pairing Fonts