Bucket List

In 2010, I started what I called my “Life’s To Do List”, which is essentially my bucket list. The only difference from a normal bucket list is I didn’t want to stop at activities or things I had always wished for. I wanted my list to be everything in my life I wanted to do, improve, or enrich in some way. That includes not just the things I hope for, but the things about me I need to change, and the things I have a good inkling I’ll never be able to accomplish because of time, money, or other any restraints.

It also means over the days and years, I might even change my mind. And that’s OK. No one goes through life unchanging. Life is all about change; sometimes good and sometimes bad.  I cannot grow as a person if I don’t accept change, and so that means even the things I think I want may change; or the person I want to be; or what flavor ice cream is my favorite. ‘What’ isn’t the point. The point of this list is to remind myself I can dream, scheme, and altogether not be afraid to reach for something.

Actual List



What ya thinking?

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