Learning yoga with Dirty Yoga Co. Prep classes

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For a while, I have always wanted to learn yoga. If you’ve read past posts, you might know that I’ve done jiu jitsu in past years. I also use to run a little bit, though nothing very serious. But I’ve heard so many good things about yoga.

I really want to get into a lifestyle where I am always incorporating fitness into my time. It’s sometimes a struggle to do this. I like to do a lot of things–volunteering for Amman Imman and the Coast Guard, school part time, working full time, selling on Etsy, and more–that sometimes it seems impossible to find that perfect routine you really are going to stick to.

Sometimes, though, things just click. Although as a whole, people can have many similarities–the same dreams, hopes, fears, and loves–we are still unique. Sometimes the way something works for one will not for another.

I am mostly looking to do yoga for the physical benefit, and not the spiritual. Although I truly do believe in positivity and encouraging empowerment or reflection, I am not the type for meditation or similar activities. I always would wish I could skip those parts of the few classes I had been to. I think we all need to find our own way for these sort of things in our lives, and there isn’t a right or wrong way.

So it was when I was once again hoping to tackle my never-sticking-with-it battle with yoga that I found a site that seemed to read my mind: www.dirtyyogaco.com. The site claims to be “…yoga for people who make shit happen…for people with better things to do than yoga…people who want to get in, get their exercise, and get out.”

Two things about that page made me fall in love. Ok, three things.

Their branding is awesome, and the geeky part of me who is now ‘officially’ going to school for marketing is in love with it. I love the brand voice and graphics they use. It’s fun and clever.

Second, that’s what I want. Exercise. Sure, I’m actually a pretty diehard Lulu Lemon fan, but that doesn’t mean I (or anyone) has to fall into a cookie-cutter shape of what a yogi looks like and is. There are all different types. Like I said, everyone has to find their own thing.

Third, the price is reasonable. Going to an official studio to learn yoga is actually quite more money than I would have guessed, and if I honestly wanted to spend that much I’d have to go pretty often for it to be worth it. It’s not as easy to do that working full time, and going to school part time, as it is in my own home. Plus, if I had that kind of time, I’d rather go to jitz.

Therefore, I have decided to take the plunge and try out Dirty Yoga Co.’s Prep Starting Kit. This beginner “kit” lasts for 1 month and costs around $18. You learn 25 common poses (and breathing) moving from classes 101-105, which incorporates only a handful of poses at a time and a practice for those poses. After that, you move on to more flowing practices, until you do an official Dirty Yoga class.

This kit is supposed to be stand alone. They say that by the time you finish the month, you should be knowledgable enough to go off and do yoga wherever you please–though of course you can take it through their online classes, too. They don’t mind. 😉

For me, the reason why this company works above any other I have tried is simple. Their branding and approach. They way they approach the lessons, at least at this beginner point, is perfect. It’s hard to learn something as you go. I like how their kit really approaches teaching poses first.

I also just find it much more enjoyable by the website copy voice they use, and they way they teach. That’s the trick, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to fitness. The more you are motivated, the more you are likely to follow through. So even small things, like the way you describe something, the way you look–either as a brand or anything else–can really affect things in a deeper way than might be obvious.

There are many, many online yoga subscription companies out there. I know, because I have looked at them. I have created multiple accounts. I have signed up for weeks of free trials. None of them were bad. They are all offering the same product, after all. Yoga. Sure, there are different types of yoga. But the activity itself is the same–you aren’t creating something new there. Yet I just couldn’t get into any of those sites.

What stands out is the difference between how you provide yoga above all those other sites out there. What makes you so special? Dirty Yoga Co. provides an answer to that in a refreshingly different, new, and clear way.



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