Baking honey madeleines with chocolate sauce


Friday, I went over some friend’s house for dinner (after the gym), so Thursday night I attempted to bake french madeleines from Martha’ Stewarts recipe you can find here.  I also made a chocolate dipping sauce created and found on White On Rice Couple blog.


Halfway through making the recipe, I realized the first time I made these I had actually used the recipe from White on Rice Couple‘s blog, not the Martha Stewart one. I’m pretty sure I liked that one better, because it seemed lighter (likely from the addition of baking soda in particular).


Still, Martha Stewart’s recipe is very easy to make. Which ended up being good (I think), because I burned the first batch slightly. I used two different pans for baking, an older one my mother had, and a newer one I bought when making it the first time. Ironically, by the time I finished making two batches, the ones in the new pan ended up both burning on the outside. The ones baked in the older pan did not.


The chocolate sauce was so delicious, and also easy to make. Completely bad for you, of course–but oh, so worth it! I neglected to take many after pictures of the cookies and sauce, however.


We paired the madeleines with wine from Club W–a wine subscription service–Alchymist. Club W describes the wine, stating:

“Plush and juicy with sweet flavors of candy-coated fruit, it’s smooth strawberry taste and rich body make it amazing as a glass on its own or paired with chocolate. Chocolate and wine? Sounds like baby making music to us.”

And from that I had decided on madeleines to pair it, given the chocolate suggestion. Though what wouldn’t taste good with chocolate, I’m not completely sure of. Seems impossible.


What ya thinking?

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