Friday Five (weekend to do list)

Yay! Another Friday. I received my Le Parcel and Bonjour Jolie boxes this weekend, which I can’t wait to review. I also received more True & Co. bras, which I will also review.

This weekend, I look forward to hopefully jump-starting my exercise a bit again. For a long time after I started training in jiu jitsu, I had a pretty decent schedule and lifestyle. Lately this year that has gone downhill. No more!

Ok, here they are:

  1. Bug my Uncle for all the info he still needs to give me to set up his auto body shop accounts online.
  2. Go through my clothes to donate or sell online
  3. Paint something
  4. Take a bubble bath with some new bubbles I acquired, pour some wine, and watch a movie
  5. Do some writing

Ohhhh, look at that! My list is almost entirely stuff that I want to do! It’s pretty exciting. That’s not to say I might be sneaking in work this weekend (what weekend don’t I do that), but this is the first time since creating this type of post I decided to make it a priority to add some fun things in there.


What ya thinking?

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