5 Things for the weekend.

Oh, one of my favorites! Yea, well. My theory on these things is if you do it often enough, eventually it will start sinking in, no?

At the moment I have a ton of things going on. I’m working on the redesign website project for my charity AI, as well as a campaign for October, November/Dec for them. I’m also attempting to help my uncle get started on an online presence for his auto body shop. Besides this, I have the regular everyday chores to do, and I’m taking some online classes. And still trying to train for boat crew for the Auxiliary. Oh, and there’s things I do just for me; such as posting here, or drinking wine while watching 3 seasons of Grimm in a row, for instance. So, yea.

Taking a moment to focus my mind, and decide on current immediate tasks is so, so important. Here are mine for this weekend.

  1. Get final details on my Uncle’s company to finalize website and Facebook page, so it can go live.
  2. Go through all the papers in my room to throw out and/or file.
  3. Work on final details/decisions for AI’s campaign and make all decisions by Sunday.
  4. Chill with friends Friday. 🙂
  5. Clean car.

Yay! I am actually quite happy with that list. My list is in reality huge, and I don’t decide these 5 before I create the post. I add them as I type. I think it’s part of the focus-only-on-this-current-weekend magic of it all. I have a pessimistic feeling that the cleaning car wish will never happen, however. It has alluded me for some time now.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you focus only on having fun, or do you add work into the mix as well? Let me see your 5 in the comments!


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