Box Subscriptions (Yes, I’ve succumbed)

Okay. So I suddenly have developed a crazed, school-girl obsession with a current fad: box subscriptions. Why, oh why, you may ask? It’s simple. I like making my life easier. Fine, I’ll admit that receiving something monthly in the mail is also so much fun, too.

But seriously. This started because I subscribe to Dollar Shave Club. Yes, this is technically a man-orientated razor subscription service, but you know what? They are damn awesome. They ship you out 4 razor blades every month, like clockwork, along with a clever, silly reading material. For $1-$9 with free shipping, you will receive first a blade handle + 4 razors, then subsequently after only the 4 razors that go with your blade. You can switch up your blade at any time, order extra handles or accessories, and you can even pause the subscription if you haven’t been shaving as much and been lazy lately.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy razors in the store again. Why would you want to, if you didn’t have to?

It’s true that Amazon actually offers subscription services as well, but let’s face it: theirs isn’t as fancy. I am trying them as well, but I’ll review them another time. That’s too boring for this post.

I decided to see what others I could find. I have heard of a few here and there, such as JustFab and Birch Box. I suffer from a ton of eye allergies, and I really can’t wear a lot or any make-up near my eyes as a result. So for me, Birch Box–which sends samples including make-up–just isn’t worth it.

I also wasn’t interested in trying a box that sent samples. I mean, I could probably get samples of shit for free if I wanted to. Why bother?

So I narrowed my search to try to find ones that were a product I already used, and even better something I used on a consistent basis.

Here are the subscriptions I am trying:

  1. Le Parcel – Women’s period monthly subscription box
  2. Bonjour Jolie – Another women’s period monthly subscription box (This one actually offers way more than La Parcel, for a few dollars different).
  3. MeUndies – Men and Women’s underwear subscription box. You get 1 “color of the month” undie every month. They are super soft, cute, and I figure a 1 per month I never need to go out and buy any. I also love the idea of getting surprised with the color. I also have purchased socks from them.
  4. Elizabeth & Clarke – Premium women’s neutral work and dress tops subscription, 4 seasons a year starting at $30/shirt with other options.
  5. Outlaw Soap’s The Clean Getaway Box – Bi-Monthly (means every other month!) subscription to 2 handmade soaps with an outdoor-ish theme, product samples from other companies (Nov is a candle), “light” reading, and “various other things”. Ok. I mostly am getting this box because it sounds awesome and adorable.
  6. Stunner of the Month – Monthly sunglasses subscription. You choose among 4 different “styles” of sunglasses (not the exact specific style you will receive, but the general style), and SOTM will send you most from that style of sunglasses, and a few from the style below the one you picked. It seems pretty cool. I don’t really need a new pair of sunglasses every month, but you can suspend it, too. Or maybe I’ll do it a few months than stop. Or do it 1 or 2 months, then suspend until summer.
  7. JustFab – Monthly subscription to access of shoes, bags, and clothing that starts at $39.99 in their main section. You don’t pay for the sub, but have to “skip” each month if you don’t want to purchase something. Mostly signed up to get these rocking boots for $9.99 for Halloween. However, $39 can be a decent price if it’s something you’d want to buy anyhow, and you can’t find it somewhere else first for cheaper.
  8. True & Co. – Try At Home bra box, one time offer. You can pick up to 3 of their bras to try at home, with a $45 hold (goes away after you return them, or in a week if you purchase them). They also offer a really great new way to determine your bra size, instead of the traditional measurement style.

So, I will be doing video reviews of all these subscriptions–stay tuned!! Please let me know in the comments if you have ever tried these companies, and what your experiences were?


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