#5 Things You Would Do This Weekend (Yes, again.)

Yea, I’ve done this one before, but I like it so here we go again. I think setting small goals is very important. Actually, I think setting goals all the time is very important to life. Well, assuming you don’t want to just coast on by. Setting goals is good not only because it motivates and reminds you, but it’s good because you can forgive yourself for the goals you don’t complete. You know what that does? Increases the chance that you’ll try again. You have your entire life, here. We all have things we want to achieve, and some of us have a date, or an age, they picture themselves acheiving these things. It doesn’t have to be that set in stone, however. You should be living a full, positive life now. Not 20 years from now. You should be happy where you are, what you are doing, and who you will be–without worrying too much on where you “should” be.

No one wrote a manual for life. You don’t have to follow norms, or socially perceived milestones, but of course that doesn’t mean either that you should not work for it. Because life, if anything at all, is definitely work. It’s a struggle, but every moment is worth it. Even where you are right the moment you read this.

Ok, enough with the heavy. That’s what happens when you order a chocolate martini with dinner.

My 5 goals for this weekend:

  1. Clean my car.
  2. Paint something.
  3. Figure out details for Advertising Week in NYC.
  4. Take at least 1 ICS Fema course.
  5. Work at least a little on the editorial calendar for AI charity I recently created.

So, I’ll come clean. My actually to do list on my Any.do app is much, much bigger than this. It was really hard to go through all the things on there and pick 5 I’d want to do before all others. I’m not even sure I’m happy with these 5. But that’s OK. Having A.D.D. means if I don’t set goals, don’t at least try to have some way to focus myself, I’ll end up with the same list for months. So if I cross anything off this, things are looking good.


What ya thinking?

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