weekend goals

Name 5 things you would like to do this weekend.

I’ve decided to try an experiment. A lot of times, I always preach and read from others to “make goals”. Write down what you want to do. Take a small list of tasks and focus only on those. As someone with Adult A.D.D., this is no easy feat for me. Everyday is a silent struggle for my life. Accomplishing any goal, any to-do is difficult for the average person; for me it’s hit or miss most days. The biggest accomplishment I can have is to allow myself to fail. Because in failure, I know that I tried. I worked towards something, and every new angle I attack that something means one step in the right direction–even if it doesn’t work.

Lately for work, that angle has been to use the to-do software Todoist, and this has been working for the simple reason it has an Outlook version (and my own willpower). The hilarious part is that I accidentally started using it. I had meant to use Any.do, because I like the way they present your to-do list as a process each morning. But I had been researching so many softwares over time I just put in the wrong name, and poof! now here I am.

I have also been using the Pomodoro Technique idea, which I only recently heard of. If you have any issues keeping focus, you can take a look at the one I use here. It’s free.

Enough of that stuff. Let’s get to the good part.

Namely, my exercise for this Friday. Name 5 things you have been putting off that if you knew you would absolutely finish, you would like to do this weekend. I won’t ask something I can’t do myself, so here are mine:

  1. Finally file and organize all my papers.
  2. Finish making a website/flyer for my Aunt and Uncle (she is selling her house).
  3. Finish painting an ornament my mom is giving as a present.
  4. Clean out my car, and take it to the car wash.
  5. Have a great weekend for my Mom’s birthday.

OK, so #5 isn’t exactly a “to-do”, but it is my Mom’s birthday celebration this weekend so it goes on the list. Because no matter how much I want to do 1-4 above it, I don’t want those things to interfere with that. Family is more important than even procrastinated goals to me.

So here comes the really amazing part. Remember how I said to think as if you would absolutely finish this list? Well, guess what. You will.

Just focus on these 5 things. Start at the top and work your way down. Don’t get distracted by other tasks, unless they are absolutely necessary. Even if you only manage one on your list, you’re one down.

OK,  your turn. What are your 5 for this weekend?


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