Where will you be 5 years from today?

Ever think about this? I certainly have. Five years is a long enough period of time you can accomplish some things, and some things can change. Yet, five years is short enough that your brain can actually imagine its future self there.

book1I’m not one to buy these sort of books normally–often my books are dystopian and involve a 16-year-old saving the world–but this one caught my eye today on break: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?. Flipping through the pages, you’ll find inspiring quotes, questions, thoughts, and facts. Like this one:

“At age 30, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos was living in a 500-square foot apartment. Five years later his net worth was $10 billion.”

There are some spaces in the book for you yourself to write, and I think it’s these combination of things that managed to convince me to purchase it. Target was selling it for $15, which isn’t exactly cheap considering it is only a handful a pages. It’s possible I could have bought it somewhere else for cheaper, but I just couldn’t help myself. I knew I’d love the book.

I’ve only read through half of it so far, but I was right. And it has inspired a new project idea for j* of all trades, which I’m calling the 5 Year Dream.

So much of this book I feel like I could have written myself. It has a lot of the ideals and thoughts I’ve been trying over the last couple of years to instill in my life. Sometimes, as life catches hold of you even your strongest convictions can be forgotten for a moment or two. It’s good to find things like this book to help you remember from time to time; to inspire and motivate you.

So with that in mind I ask you–where will you be in 5 years from today?



  1. This is so crazy…because just this morning I was reading in another book that talk about (briefly) this very subject. I have to buy this book now! As far as where I will be….I hope to have my Phd by then (working on my masters now), I want to be traveling for a living, and ….hmmm met Harrison Ford? lol. Thatd be amazing.

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    1. Nice Heather! May I ask what the book was?

      I was if-y at first purchasing it, but really glad I did. It’s a fun and motivating book. I’m reading through the whole thing before I start answering some of the questions it has in there; pretty excited to start. One of the concepts the book mentions is how people often don’t have goals for their life–whether that is 1 month, 1 year, or 5–but how those who do tend to be more successful. I’ve read this in so many other articles in the past few years, and I really believe it is important.

      You have awesome goals! That is super inspiring. I’m trying to go for a degree myself (albeit, slowly). I quickly checked out your blog, and I’m sure I’ll read more later (sort of cheating right, I’m at work hehe).


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