First Boat Crew Training for Auxiliary

Once again deviated from Florida posts. Will get back to that sooon! So, I finally went on my first boat crew training patrol for the coast guard auxiliary.

The Auxiliary is the volunteer branch of the USCG–Aux isn’t allowed to be involved in anything military or police.

Anyhow, last Sunday I had the chance to finally start training. I was very nervous! A lot of the guys/people who join are usually boat lovers, or have at least a decent amount of knowledge ahead of time. I felt like I knew very little. Once we were underway, however, it was fine. It was also beautiful out! I love Sandy Hook, and this was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

We trained Man Overboard, and anchoring. They also went over basic boating and operations, such as assessing the crew and situation etc. Each thing we train we need to get sign-offs for. I didn’t remember my checklist to sign off on (opps!), but I’m sure I’ll have to do this many, many more times anyhow.

July 9th we might be going over basic fire situations and the dewatering pump. I can’t wait! The only difficult thing is juggling this, my other charity, work, and my friends.


What ya thinking?

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