Florida is one hell of a big state

One night has gone by, almost an entire bottle of rum, and breakfast. We talked to an older couple  who seemed to be around 60 or 70 years old during dinner yesterday who got on the train in Boston–a much longer travel than us. The husband doesn’t like to fly either, and from what I could tell really enjoyed trains anyhow. They were heading to a wedding. We enjoyed a nice conversation with them the whole dinner ride. They also smuggled in alcohol.

In the morning we dealt with a hiccup in our trip: Amtrak had somehow managed to give me a regular Coach seat ticket, instead of adding me to Jake’s Roomlette. At Jacksonville, we bounced off the train to go to the ticket booth, where they were supposed to give me the corrected ticket. I hadn’t had any issues being on the train or in the room, but they were trying to charge me for the meals that should come with the ticket.

Unfortunately, they still had not entirely fixed the situation. Jake spent the next 30 minutes or so on the phone with their customer support, where they still couldn’t fix what was wrong. Instead, they gave him a credit to use at another time. After talking to the train staff, however, they were actually nice enough to refund him what he paid for breakfast, and assure us we would still receive lunch. So in the end it worked out. It’s interesting sometimes how the customer service of a company can work. To me, it doesn’t seem like it should be so hard to put me in the system as part of his room, and transferring that information to the employees on the train. If it wasn’t for the fact their employees working our particular train were really awesome about it, Amtrak wouldn’t have been able to fix their own mistake and satisfy their customers. But no use crying of spilled milk, right?

Originally, I was going to spend some time this morning creating some posts for my charity Amman Imman, who will be at a Film Festival this weekend. My director wanted me to promote it a bit this week. Generally, this means adding things to Buffer, the platform I have been using recently for automated or scheduled posts. But this morning I saw an email that she has already completed it, and I don’t have to worry about it. I do still have to finish writing an article (maybe 2 if I split them), for my Aux Flotilla’s 5K Run to Remember we did in the middle of May, as well as the Ocean Fun Day we participated in. I have almost the entire thing completed for the 5K, save for editing. The FC asked for it to be one article when I talked to him at the last meeting, but I think it might be better as two.

I actually have two other posts just sitting in my draft folder right now, teasing me. I need to add photos to them, but can’t access my SD card for one right now. Hopefully soon.


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