ZRG: Mission #2, #3, and a Food Supply Run

Hello, survivors. It’s Runner 5 again (alright, it’s just me). As always, be aware that these posts contain SPOILERS.

It’s been a while since I completed them, but here is a run-down of Mission #2, 3, and a food supply mission. I’ll be posting the Run Summaries our gear gives out after each mission from now on, but I am not sure yet how accurate it is. Before I reached Abel, Runners weren’t as necessary; I now need to boost my fitness and ability if I hope to keep up with this base.

M2: Lay of the Land

This mission was mostly an introduction into Abel township, and the general area around it. I officially took up the Runner 5 title from the old Runner 5. I ran for 30 minutes total, but the calculations weren’t working on our gear for distance so I didn’t get much more data other than that. I did pass the hospital again from the run I did escaping the helicopter crash. Runner 7 is on the radio the whole time giving you the tour.

M3: Distraction

Abel had an emergency during this mission, when the main gate got stuck. As a result we were called out with noise makers to distract the Zombies. I ran with Runner 8, who had an awful lot of questions.

run summary m3

Food Supply Run

The most recent mission I had was to go for a quick food supply run. It was last Wednesday, June 4th. Abel had grains and could catch the occasional meat, but some days this could be hardly satisfying enough. I was to keep my eyes peeled for some herbs, and more luxurious stables.

I felt pretty good for this quick run.

run summary food supply1


This post is a fictional, fun account of my journey using the iOS and Android app called Zombies, Run!by Six to Start. Six to Start was gracious enough to provide me with all the audio for Mission 1 in their game. The game combines a regular running app that tracks your stats with a story that fills in between the songs on your playlist. Each “Mission” is around 30 – 40 minutes. I will be keeping a fictional journal of these Missions as I complete each run. Although I have already completed a number of them, I have decided to start from Mission 1 for the purpose of this blog.


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