Mission 1: SITREP

Runner 5

SITREP, For the events of 5.20.2014

I’ve been told to report over the events that happened during my arrival during Mission 1: Jolly Alpha Five Niner. Please note video report* will be to follow.

Total Run Time: 34:29
Distance Covered: Estimated 1.5 miles
Supplies Collected: 16
Calories: 82
Ok, I can’t tell you how accurate this info is. The app absolutely got the wrong mileage for my run, and this is in part because it asked me what my stride was and I guessed! However, because I know my town and area, I averaged out the run distance to my best educated guess.

The run itself went OK. I am definitely out of shape, to say the least. In the end I opted for walking in between each song when the storyline was going on. I’m hoping that future missions will be better.

*Which means that I have all the video files saved, but no time to edit them.


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