Weekly Goals and Improvements

April 14 – April 20

In an effort to increase my ability to accomplish the things in life I set out to do, I have decided to start writing weekly about my goals, improvements, and similar happenings! So here goes nothing . . .

This week I met with Amman Imman’s charity Director and our A Walk for Water Event Coordinator to go over what the deadline was for our passport graphics, as well as other questions and brainstorming for things. It was starting to get to crunch time–that part in your planning where you are getting close enough to have to start worrying about things.

I also signed up for Coursera’s Signature Track on their class Introduction to Marketing. If you don’t know Coursera, it’s an amazing and mostly free online classroom partnered with colleges and universities all over the world. You can sometimes earn certificates from these learning centers for free, and Coursera also offers trackable online certificates (pending passing the class) for a reasonable price. I’m really excited to take this course, and–hopefully–earn my certificate. This is great for people like me, who are trying to increase their knowledge and improve themselves, but might not always have the time or money to do so in traditional means.

I also started running with my boyfriend on Wednesdays, before we head to our bowling league. I have to admit that this year and most of 2013 was spent being a lazy, lazy person. Not too long before 2013–or even in the beginning of it–I had a pretty good fitness schedule. I still eat relatively healthy, but I have been slacking on my exercise and it has got to stop! Hopefully, this is the start of good things.

Until next week’s update (which is probably this Sunday), I want to wish anyone out there working hard in the life good luck!


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