Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


Sometimes, abandoned things can make people afraid. At other times they give the feeling of sadness, or loneliness. They can show history, or give the impression of a unknown time you’d like to know better. Abandoned buildings or features can put a story into a picture, without any words being uttered. This Weekly Photo Challenge from DailyPost is abandoned.

I think abandoned buildings can sometimes have a bad rap. Even the scary ones have stories. This abandon building’s story isn’t something I can tell you. I took this using a simple and poor megapixel camera phone while hiking alone on some tiny trails in Hunter, NY. Other than my own imagination, I don’t know what it was when it was new and used by people.

Just beyond it in the back is a river. I took a left, however; walking up what I assumed was a park dirt road along a bridge. It was starting to get cold at this time. Not overly cold. Enough to keep my hands in my pockets, and my jacket zipped up tight. Enough to make me avoid the river.

You cannot see it, but the leaves have all changed colors. They were beautiful, but my phone didn’t do them justice. After a few shots I switched to black and white, and I liked the old feeling it gave to the landscape.


What ya thinking?

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