A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Frames

Hunter Window View Feb2014

Every week there is a photo challenge from A Word In Your Ear’s blog called “A Word A Week”. She picks one word randomly from the dictionary, and BAM! you must find a photo to go along with it.

This week is “Frames”. Although I know I have already posted a ton of snow photos lately what with my snowboarding adventures, these were the first photos to come to mind.

The first photo is a closer up one which mostly is framed by the snow and the icicles. The below three photos I took of the entire doorway, but I was a little lazy with it to be honest and the ones that actually show the door are slightly crooked.

These photos were taken with my Motorola Moto G phone, which has only a 5 MP camera (pretty crappy). All my photos currently from Hunter are taken with this, unfortunately. One day I will remember to bring my actual camera. These photos are from Valentine’s Day. We had so much snow in New Jersey and New York, and I ended up having 2 days off from work, plus the Monday holiday so the snow was awesome.


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