I’m Just A Girl On A Snowboard (Part 3 of 3)

Yup, that’s right. After all those bumps, falls, trips, and face plants I went back for more.

Valentine’s Weekend we headed back up Friday night once more to Hunter, NY. Nothing says “Be Mine” like chocolate, roses, and . . . snow? Well, as for me I’d much rather have a valentine’s day date that included doing some activity than just going to a restaurant or sitting at home. Now that I have finally have had a taste of snowboarding, I wanted more.

But Saturday I was lazy.

I slept really late, even though Jake tried to wake me up with an alarm around 7 am. I promptly ignored it, and him. Another hour or so and he tried again. I think I might have actually made a few noises in response, but once again there was no stirring me. By the time we got to Hunter and found out that my Tri-Pak (which I had one day left on) wasn’t valid for this weekend, Jake said it was already late so we’d just skip for Saturday. We strapped on some snow shoes and went hiking with the dogs instead.

IMG_20140215_154923254 It took a little getting use to, but was really fun. It was very tiring to lead, but after a while I realized I didn’t have to sink all the way if I was careful enough. 

Sunday when we finally went to snowboard, I attempted to rent some boots. I tried on a size 6, but somehow they were still too big. It could be because so many people rent them, so they stretch out a lot. That was the smallest size they had, however, so I was stuck using them. Jake ended up buying a new pair of boots, and when we got to Hunter we both went right away to the beginner area.


The boots ended up making my achilles/foot hurt while ridding, so I didn’t go too many times. I did however accomplish a few things I set out to: getting off the lift without falling, and doing better on my toe turns.

There is a good chance I won’t get to go again until next winter, but in the end I’m pretty happy and satisfied. Not only did I learn that I enjoy snowboarding, but I managed to knock it off my bucket list to boot!


What ya thinking?

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