Dealing With Charities

I think sometimes we tend to become so use to things, and what the normal reaction is to those things that it becomes almost a muscle memory. You hear certain words and it triggers certain words from your own mouth–maybe without you even realizing it.

Sometimes, it’s reading certain words. You’ll get an email, and promptly delete it before really taking in its contents. Or a person will hand you a pamphlet outside your favorite store, and you shake your head while walking faster. Life is short. You don’t have time to waste on things that aren’t important to you–right now important–and who can blame you? We all do it.

Let’s face it. I love volunteering, and I love charities. If I could, I would help the entire world solve all its problems. I can’t do that, though, no matter how hard I tried. And sometimes even I get annoyed with how often certain (though not all!) charities can bug you.


But please. Don’t let it become a reflex. Don’t shun and run away from them because you are busy and you’ve heard it all before so many times.

It’s true you can’t fix everything, but everyone has the chance no matter what they do to make some kind of difference.


What ya thinking?

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