Coast Guard Auxiliary Tonight

Please pardon the mess. I’m currently attempting to update my layout design!

So in November I joined the volunteer branch of the US Coast Guard at Sandy Hook, NJ. During January’s meeting I was sworn in, along with one other new member (who strangely actually had the same name as me, but guy version!)

I’m still in AP status. We are having a meeting tonight, and I finally have all the uniform (or almost all). I ended up stumbling onto the Aux from a Volunteer Match email sent out after the typhoon in the Philippines.  Having experienced my own disaster with Sandy here in NJ, I had always wanted to do something that helped the community during times such as those. I looked into a few things in the past–Red Cross, C.E.R.T.–but nothing really fit the bill and my availability. When I saw the email and learned the coast guard had a volunteer branch, it just seemed like a perfect fit.

Volunteer Match is actually the organization I found the other charity I volunteer for, Amman Imman. As much as I love AI as a charity,  I wanted something more hands on and local in addition to it. I have always loved Sandy Hook, as well. Part of the programs with the Aux even includes marine environmental protection, and that made it even more of a good choice to me.


Aux works side by side with full time coast guard, so we have to wear the uniforms as well. That surprised me, but it doesn’t bother me one way or another. You do have to pay for all the gear yourself, which of course is the only downside.

We have a new member training coming up on 3/2, and I’m pretty excited for it. Everything requires training and passing exams. The season doesn’t officially start for patrols until May. I haven’t completely decided, but I will probably do those as well as soon as I pass all the required training for it (which may not be for a few months yet). I’m studying for a few things right now.

Hopefully tonight I have the chance to also post about my snowboarding trip this past two weekends. Until then!


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