Back to training Jiu Jitsu

I have gone back to training jiu jitsu starting last Sunday, which was open mat. One of the two guys who took over the gym  from the original owner asked if I would be interested in helping out every Tuesday at 6 p.m. for their new women’s class. In exchange, I get free training. It’s a pretty good deal; besides, I really like helping people who are thinking about starting jitz up anyhow.

This Sunday I thought I would die after the open mat (and quite often during it). We did a pretty good warm-up first and then all sparing. I haven’t really exercised in a very long time, nothing consistent for around a year now. I haven’t trained in jiu jitsu for I guess over a year now. The last time I really went was probably August 2012, though I went for maybe a class or two in June this summer. I was so out of breath and shape that most of the time while rolling with anyone I just couldn’t breathe. I also felt like I had no energy to do anything. It was horrible, though I knew it would be something like that. I was extremely sore after, but I absolutely expected that. Anytime I go back to training after a long break I always feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I really wanted to not be too sore or tired as a result of the open mat for Tuesday, so I did more to try to recover than I normally bother with. I put on a ton of Tiger Balm (for sore muscles), took a hot bath instead of a shower, and after even iced any area that felt particularly bad. I made sure to drink a lot of water after and before training.

Tuesday, I ended up being late. I was going there from work, and the traffic was a lot worse than I thought it would be. On top of that it was raining, and there was an accident. I ended up a whole 20 minutes late. There was only one young girl there for the class so far. She was adorable! She was 10 years old, and the daughter of one of the guys who trains there. She was a yellow belt (though to be honest I don’t recall what order the kids colors are), and she was shy but very good.

I stayed for the regular BJJ class afterwards. It wasn’t as bad as Sunday. I guess because it wasn’t just all live rolling. I felt like I had some more energy than last time. The techniques Chris taught this class were sweeps off of the De La Riva guard, and I really liked them. It was definitely not an easy sweep to pull off while rolling, but it was fun to learn. It transitioned into an armbar.

I’m excited and nervous for next Tuesday. I plan on going for at least one run between then and now, and I’m going to go to the free yoga class on Sunday at the Lululemon Athletica near me. I might go every Sunday from now on.

I look forward to a lot of things this upcoming December.


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