I’m back!

Hey all WordPress bloggers! Sooo I haven’t posted here in a while. Truth is, I was interning at GameSkinny.com for a long time from May to end of August. It was pretty grueling. Two months of that also included an editing internship. I had to write 1 article every day, and this was on top of working full time and volunteering part time. We also had assignments, view stat requirements, and for 2 months I was Team Lead of a group of interns. So, pretty busy.

Right now I am in a much more relaxed group for GameSkinny. I also periodically freelance for Examiner.com, and I made a gaming blog I Am Out Of Character.

I have been working more and more for my charity, Amman Imman, and now have the title “Media Specialist”. I guess that I can’t help myself from always doing more because next Wednesday Nov 20th, I am going to a meeting to look into joining the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. I am very nervous, but very excited about this!

Just wanted to check in. I missed writing just personal things for myself here.


What ya thinking?

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