TUF 18 Lands Another Punch For Women…But Can People Handle It?

Dana White, the voice behind most of MMA, has announced that TUF 18 will feature both women and men fighters and coaches. Ronda Rousey who recently “defended” her title (a term I use loosely) against Liz Carmouche in UFC 157 and won by yet another armbar (this making number 7) will be the first women’ coach on TUF. This is no surprise, given her recent fame and Dana’s new view on how this fame can earn him some money.

As a woman and someone who loves jiu jitsu, I think it’s absolutely awesome that this has been decided. Even if Dana’s decision probably comes from only wanting more ratings and money, if that’s what it takes to break through this frontier of women’s mma than so be it.

“guys can’t have anything to themselves these days. Now the sport is gonna turn into some lame ass dramatic Bad Girls Club bullshit…”


However just like most frontiers in history, forging new ground never comes at an easy cost. Hard work, ridicule, criticism, and downright human hate will always unfortunately exist for those brave souls who put themselves on the path to carving a new life in this world. A Facebook group I Love BJJ recently asked in a status for people’s opinion. Below, see some screen shots of what people have said.

“No knockouts, just bitches getting knocked up”

The comments are covered with many snipes about sex, “jersey shore”, and the ruin of TUF as well as many more. I haven’t covered up any names – in my opinion if you are going to post it on public group on Facebook it’s fair game. I haven’t checked out any other responses to this news on any other sites or groups yet. To be honest, I was so disgusted by the overwhelming ignorant responses in this group that I simply don’t have the energy to look into it more yet.

I know that this is in itself it’s own kind of fight; one that is not just for women but for any man who supports a woman in this world. For those who love a sister, mother, wife, or daughter. You too are also in this fight, because good or bad we are in this life together. The challenges we face we must stand together against. I would do so for any person – male or female – if the cause was right.

It wasn’t long ago (around a year give or take) that Dana White swore women would “never” fight in UFC. A lot has changed since then, including Rousey’s main event fight. We even have Invicta FC – world championship Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight series dedicated to all females.  I only hope that despite the setbacks, we can still forge ahead into the world with fists swinging.


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  1. I enjoyed this article – thanks! If a ‘money making’ idea to include a women’s series in TUF will bring good publicity to WMMA, then so be it! The battle against the ‘haters’ is a fight for everyone..

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