A Shot of Life.

IMG_2105Walking around in New York City always leads me to think about all the people moving back and forth around me. It is hard not to think of this here where diversity coats every street sign, every walk line, and every new turn of shops that make up a neighborhood. Stepping out into the city air onto 7th Ave and 32nd brings a cold gust of individuality. I breathe the crowd in deep, and merge into it. My headphones supply the scene with whatever mood I’m currently in – these days usually rock music. The lyrics and melody bring an energy that compliments what I see.

As I make my way through the city, I find enjoyment in seeing all the differences and similarities we have between each other. Fashion, food, words, gestures. The glance of a stranger. The tug of a smile. The warmth of emotion.

Sometimes it’s less pleasant. The strangeness of a garbage bag full of someone’s possessions. The plead for money. The uneasiness of someone’s conversation to air. Pushy people. Flyers being shoved into your hands. The loneliness of a long street at night. Hot sweaty subways. Wrong turns. Missed stops.

New York is an adventure of learning to find one’s way in the chaos of this melting pot of life. It’s loud and lovely and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In so many ways we are different and unique yet deep down in our core the same. We want the same things from this world. Love. Happiness. How how we express ourselves doesn’t matter; some things in this world will always be universal. When I come to the city it’s something more than beautiful here.

It’s a shot of life.


What ya thinking?

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