Surfer Boy

It’s funny how things go.

The date with Surfer Boy actually went well – really well. Almost a little to well. Kinda figures sort of well.

Because he lives in Queens, which isn’t exactly the closest nor most easiest places to get to. That’s just how things turn out often for me. I guess I can’t claim to be the brightest chick on the block. If I were, I probably wouldn’t even attempt to get in situations where I have to wonder about things like dating someone who is a train ride, subway ride, and bus ride away.

Yup, that’s right. All three.

And no, if you are about to say, “Sooooo, details?” I’m not sharing them. I’ve never really been much of a sharer. I guess you can say I’m an introvert, which is why blogging fits me so well. I’m more likely to write here then go call up a friend.

Either way I’m glad I went. I really did have fun. There is a birthday party for a friend of his and my friend Alex who lives in NY too next Friday. I had been invited to it already the last time I was in NY by both Surfer Boy and Alex, but he mentioned it again during the date. I’m most likely going to go. I do really want to see him again.

Besides, Mystery Guy is only a crush, and like all crushes they end up just being a waste of time. At least Surfer Boy is interested. He’s actually a possibility, even if it’s geographically far away.


What ya thinking?

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