Mystery Guy

I’m off to N.Y.C. again today soon. I hit it off with a guy there – let’s call him Surfer Boy – who I met through a friend. He seems nice and had my sense of humor. He also seems to be pretty active. He’s a surfer – as you could probably guess. And he likes puppy dogs.

But that’s not why I’m really posting today. I struggled a bit about whether I wanted to post. A part of me wanted to keep this blog completely anonymous so I could post whatever I wanted and didn’t have to worry about anyone I knew having an opinion of it or not. Sometimes strangers make the best listeners. It’s nice to just put my thoughts out there into an intangible piece of space. This way all the words aren’t just bouncing around in my head. Still, it’s too late for anonymity for me – I’ve already tied my Etsy shop to here among other things. So instead I will just write as best I can and try to make it very general. No names.

So we have Surfer Boy. I like him, and I’m going on this date which I’m currently doing my nails for. The city is a far place to date someone, though, so I’m keeping my hopes on a back burner. I seem to do that a lot with dating these days.

Yet…I’m posting this because there is a guy I have a huge crush on. We’ll call him Mystery Guy, because these names are fun and very anonymous-y. Ladies, it’s guys like Mystery Guy that make you want to kick yourself. You can’t help but think,  “Why can’t I meet someone like this who is actually available?”

And nope, Mystery Guy is not available. Not even close. He is crazy far off the grid. I can tell you that we are friends in a way. It’s not one of those, I-think-he’s-amazing-but-he-doesn’t-realize-I-exist sort of things. Let’s just say it won’t ever happen, and leave it at that for now. He is a Mystery, after all. I wouldn’t want to ruin the affect for you.

So even though I’m about to go on this date, I can’t help but sit here and sigh about Mystery Guy. Because he’s the one I’m really thinking about.

Just don’t tell anyone, OK?


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