Descent Video – Quest 1, First Blood.

And so begins my journey into Descent, a tabletop board game. If you didn’t read my previous post about Descent and Roll 20, you should probably do so to get some back story.

Geek alert – This was edited to 17 minutes from the original video which was 2 hours long. This video contains cursing. Because I really didn’t think about that as I was playing, and apparently I need to work on it. It also contains comments written on the bottom in some frames which may need to be viewed in full screen to read (nothing bad).

Here is a brief introduction: The game is played with one Overlord playing against 2-6 heroes. The heroes play as a team to beat the Overlord in multiple “Quests” which make up a “Campaign”. So, for this video we are at Quest #1 which is always First Blood. After the first quest, you sometimes have options on which quest you can do next. First Blood is sort of an easy introduction to the game so people can get use to playing. Each Hero has Health, Stamina, and Speed. There is more to it but that’s the most important. You then also roll dice to determine attacks and defense when fighting.

The objective of the first quest is for the Heroes to stop the Overlord from getting 5 goblins through the tunnel (off the board), and killing the Ettin giant monster named Mauler (two headed dude). Here is our line-up for players.


    1. Dave – Syndrael
    2. Mike – Leoric of the Book
    3. Jamie (me!) – Jain Fairwood

Overlord: Nick

I added a lot of silly and insider jokes in the video as I was editing it. Near the end, you’ll hear a lot about “rolling a 1” because we (the heroes) kept rolling 1’s which mean your attack misses. We had horrible rolls at this time and Nick (the Overlord) had awesome rolls.

But you’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens and who wins!


What ya thinking?

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