A Word A Week Challenge: Zoom.

This week’s A Word A Week Challenge is Zoom. Now, most of the time I don’t have very many pictures in zoom because I don’t own a camera. Usually, I just use my iphone. In my previous A Word A Week Challenge for island I posted a few pictures from Puerto Rico which were all taken using my iphone 3GS. I took a ton of pictures during that trip which I hope to post about in a later date. The only thing I noticed with taking pictures, is that if you don’t have a great camera the best pictures come out if you have the most natural lighting. Other than that, I’m pretty clueless!

Sometimes, however, I steal my dad’s camera. I couldn’t tell you which one without getting off my butt right now so I’ll edit it in later (sorry for the laziness!). I always feel like my photos for this challenge need a disclaimer: “This person hasn’t visited many amazing places.” Or something like that. I do that challenge because it’s fun, and I believe it will get me thinking about the things I view in the world more often. Below are a few zoomed in shots of my puppy dog – who at 8 years old really isn’t a puppy anymore. His name is Chance. These were taken after a giant snow storm which covered our entire property with tons of snow. That certainly didn’t stop him from keeping his eyes on the neighborhood, however.


Chance received his name because my dad was taking a “chance” it would work out. For a long time, we never had any pets.

My mom isn’t the most pet friendly person in the world. She works very hard taking care of the house, and works as a preschool teacher. Her house is pretty much her hobby in life. As a result, she never wanted animals because let’s face it – they’re messy. She also didn’t want the additional work of having to take care of a pet, and because my father works full time it’s only logical she’d end up having to share at least some of the responsibility.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo Chance first came into our lives when 3 months old he was brought to my father’s parents house who at the time had a pretty large piece of property. Eventually, his calm and loving personality won my mom over and he came to our home. He is a Brittany, which is a hunting dog. He’s a pointer. For those of you not familiar, this means he gets to run around outside and point his cute puppy nose at birds. It kind of stops being cute after this point, however, so I’ll spare you the details. My father has been hunting my whole life and longer, so I’m pretty use to it. I think he looks so adorable here sitting on the table. This isn’t the only odd piece of furniture he’s claim as a seat. He’s also been seen in the summertime sitting on the armrest of my dad’s adirondack chair.




What ya thinking?

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