Some New Designs

2013-02-23 17.27.54

Sooooo… I now have a new blog title, and URL. I am no longer Animus Adventure. I also have a shiny new username that matches it, but found out afterwards this would mean all the blogs I follow aren’t under the new name! Sadface! So I might just continue using animus, but you can change the name that is seen publicly. Blogging is confusing haha. I also have some new graphics up.

Today I am very excited to start a painting for my mother. It will be the largest painting I’ve ever attempted – though to be honest I haven’t really done a lot of paintings in my life. Probably less than I can use my hands to count with. This painting will be 30 x 40, and she wants it for her living room. She already has popped into my room asking about how she thought I said I was going to start it today. She still doesn’t get that artists need to be left alone. You can’t bug us. Sheesh. Also, I hate being interrupted while painting or drawing. I  kind of block out everything so I don’t want to loose my train of thought. She wants to “see how the colors are going” but that’s like someone looking over your shoulder. I try to tell her this in a nice way, but she always seems to get offended no matter how careful I choose my words. I guess this is why it’s hard to live with your parents when you’re almost 30.


What ya thinking?

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