j * of all trades

Hey fellow bloggers. Not sure if any of you will respond, but I was considering changing my blog name. I know! I actually do like my current name a lot, but I was thinking about how my posts are sort of random and all over the place. They are probably going to get even more random, as I plan on putting up everything – from guitar recordings when I take a course in April – to jitz when I start training again…poetry…art. App reviews. I just have never been able to settle on one topic.

It’s with this thought in mind I was considering naming the blog, j* of all trades.

I have so many hobbies, I thought it was fitting. My name is Jamie, so it ties into the whole “jack of all trades” concept. Which I think I might have to research the origin of later come to think of it.

I have a few awesome bloggers who decided to follow me – any advice?



  1. I love your new moniker! I think it will draw more readers and describe your site better. Good luck either way. Now wait a minute, I follow you so will I need to be on the lookout for your new name or does WordPress take care of that? Might want to think about that too!


    1. Yea I was thinking about all of what you said! It jus replaces my currently blog URL, so it’s not starting a new blog and I believe everyone should still be following me. Just might not realize at first it’s animus. However I could add that to my header graphic for a while maybe. “Previously animus adventure”.


  2. u know what i was thinking to change mine too , because writing very random posts makes it harder to have a specific name for the blog, confusing ha ? 😀
    but anyway i think your old one is good as the new 😉


    1. yes exactly! haha. Thanks 🙂 I do like the old one also just when I thought of the new one I was like, hmm if fits good. However, you’re able to keep the old url too so it’s not like once you press the button you’re stuck.


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