Ronan’s Escape

Ronan’s Escape.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

I pressed this because I am not sure yet how to reblog it, since I’m new to wordpress still. This is a short film on a 14 year old boy being bullied. I’ll tell you up front – he commits suicide. Even if you are faint of heart – no perhaps especially if you are – you should watch this.

This should be shared by everyone. Too often we do not speak up. We allow outside influences, lack of courage, and other trivial reasons to cause us to hesitate to take action when we know the right thing to do. That hesitation makes it either too late, or gives us one more excuse to do nothing. And it’s not just as children. It starts at this age, to be sure. But we cannot grow up and say “Oh, I was young and  immature then.” “I made poor decisions.” Everyone – even the “good guys” – make poor decisions sometimes. We are human, and it happens. We aren’t perfect. Yet, being that way doesn’t give those times a free pass. We have to work hard towards more. Although it’s true as adults most of us come to make more mature decisions, who we are begins from every moment and every decision since we were capable of making them. It is as children we in danger of learning to overlook these moments when we are the ones that can make a difference in what happens with how other people, and ourselves are treated. This could be as simple as a few kind words, or as difficult as having to stand up against people. It could be saying or doing something nice to someone who doesn’t even deserve it. These are the things we pass on to the children that will come after us from now until as long as humans exist on this planet. It’s true that there will always be those who do horrible and wrong things in this world. The more often each person speaks up, however, the less these moments will occur.


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