Monkey Island


It took me a little while to get this post up here, but for A Word In Your Ear’s challenge this week is the word island. Now, I haven’t quite had the opportunity in my life yet to travel or visit a lot of places but the one place that came to mind for this challenge was Puerto Rico. I had the amazing opportunity to visit this island a few years ago when my friend Alex was living there for a research project. This challenge word actually made me really think back on the memories of staying there, and I decided later this weekend I might post about it. It really was an amazing time and trip.

monkey islandI put up a few photos. The second one is the view of the island my friend Alex was studying at. She traveled on boat to work every morning. So you could say that this picture is on an island of an island! You could view it by just walking a little bit in the town she was staying at. The beaches in this part of town were not exactly your average “nice” looking beaches.


I also including shots from the beach where we stayed in Rincon. This place was called Besides the Pointe, and was a very inexpensive beautiful place to stay that had a bar in the back which extended onto the beach. In the shot above we had found while exploring this old wall that extended along the beach. I wonder what it was for!


What ya thinking?

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