Terrase du cafe le soir


Terrase du cafe le soir – Etsy Listing

The second shirt I put up for sale is “Terrase du cafe le soir” which is a certain painting in france. And by certain I mean amazingly beautiful van Gogh painting I could never compare to. Yet – I was looking for something specific after I bought this deep blue tank top and didn’t know what that was until I googled a bit and found this.

The shirt is painted in one of my favorite colors – a metallic gold. I absolutely love this paint, and have to stop myself from adding it on everything! This color, along with the silver and copper of this brand, are just wonderful. The shade, the shimmery-ness, and the consistency are great. Although I have to add textile medium to make it work on clothing, it really works well for certain things. A shirt like this tank, however, does take a while because I had to constantly take a little paint at a time and make sure the paint didn’t clump up too much on my brush. I’d say it probably was 2 hours work. A regular shirt takes approximately an hour, and this was much more complicated. It’s amazing how quickly the time goes by when working on these things. It doesn’t ever seem like it should take long, and yet I’ll look down at my iPhone and realize I could easily spend all day painting.



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