Mixed Tape On Fire


Mixed Tape On Fire – Etsy Listing

One more I swear. Well – for tonight at least. I  can’t believe it’s almost 3 am! I guess I still need to work on the “save it for tomorrow” gene I’m lacking. This just means, fellow bloggers, that you should like my posts in appreciation of my dedication. I already had a very lousy listing of this shirt up on Etsy that I wasn’t happy with the photos for (because it was mostly iPhone shots). This weekend I took a few using new ones. As for the model – yes, it’s me. Which means you can’t criticize how silly any of them look!

This shirt is hand painted with black paint for the “mixed tape” part. I sketched out a mixed tape prior to painting the shirt and then added a lot of detail when doing the real thing. Underneath the tape is 3 flames which I painted first. A metallic gold flame (yes, one of my many designs that uses the paint), a hot pink flame, and a red polkadot flame.

And of course, I’m rockin my coloud teal headphones with it. They provide many tireless hours of inspiration whenever I paint!


What ya thinking?

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