Day Eight

You know what’s the worst? Injuries. I hate injuries. Cause I can’t stand to be stuck, without any choice, not being able to physically do something. A while back, I injured my knee/leg. Running, I suppose. I never did quite figure out what it was. For a few weeks in the beginning of December, I tried to do R.I.C.E.. Around a year before this I had injured my Achilles, so it seemed to me pretty much doctors did nothing but strap something around the injury and tell you not to move. So why bother?

I fell into the same human long routine of procrastination, and got to the point where I was just waiting for it to get better. So now it’s near the end of January, and

I am still stuck here. Waiting.

The human body is amazing. Beyond amazing. For me though, I wish it would hurry up a bit. I’ve been waiting weeks and weeks to be back to normal. Fully back. Slowly, it crept along. One day it will start to ease up. Before you know it, you’re walking normal – without thought to it because it has begun to heal so much. The wires and gears twisting together inside my leg have started to work once more.

You feel like you’re 100%, but then you do something thoughtless and realize. Nope. There is still that gear that is a little off. I wish I was like the Tin Man, and you could add a little bit of oil and I was good to go.

I want to start running again. I want to start hiking with the group trips they have through the state county. I want to start training jiu jitsu again. I want…

Well, to stop waiting. For now, I must content myself with gradual victories. Pushups, curl-ups, planks. Things I can do that don’t require too great of use of my knee. Some stretching.

I guess that’s another vice added onto my long list of them. Lack of patience. I have never been good at patience.


What ya thinking?

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