Day Three

So this is my delayed post from last night. Mostly because I had bowling after work, and then I was just too tired to post. I actually spent a silly amount of time trying to find a theme for this blog I liked better, but no dice. At least not yet. I want one that has a large title area, but maybe a little more design that what I currently have.

Day three (insert appropriately important sounding music). Today I will post twice. Yesterday, I managed to finish all the volunteer work I had to get in, and do absolutely horrible at bowling. Go me.

I didn’t really accomplish much besides this.

Today I hope to make a few cards to sell on junk draw, sew in a label for a shirt I painted, and chop off most of my hair.Well, the thing is I’ve pretty much had decently long hair most of my adult life. Right now its hmmm almost to mid back, just a little past my shoulder blades. I’d say a good 2 inches above the middle of my back. I also have side bangs that sweep to my right. However, that’s why I started this blog. To kind of move myself along in the whole “let’s do some new things” plan of action. So tonight I’m going to a hair cutter my sister-in-law recommended and getting a really really short haircut. Maybe something like a bob style-ish sort of cut. I do have really thick full straight hair though so I’m not sure what it will look like. I’m going to bring with me some photos of cuts I think are nice, and get their opinion.

And if it all goes awry – well there are always hats.


What ya thinking?

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