So here I am on a Friday night watching tv on Amazon. There are a few things I want and almost need to do tonight. I want to work on some products for my art company, junk draw designs, and I want to do some laundry and normal chores as well. I pretty much have to do laundry if I want to go anywhere tomorrow.

I have plans pretty early tomorrow. I am meeting up at friend’s house to go watch football at a local bar, but it’s up North Jersey and I’m taking a train. Latest train I can take is 1400. Which leaves me with tonight to do what I need to do and Sunday.

Again, it all comes back to keeping focus. It’s our ability to keep on task – to keep focused – that shows our commitment. Do I want to do something, or do I accept no excuses.

This, among many things, is what I am going to work on. Because I want to be able to look back at my life and the things I did and say, without regret, that I was committed to working towards my goals to the most my ability allowed. To this affect, I am going to commit to writing in this blog once a day about my progress towards…well, life.


What ya thinking?

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